This Maotai Ice Cream Café Will Blow Your Taste Buds Away

Spirited Indulgence: This Maotai Ice Cream Gives New Meaning to Having Your Scoops on the Rocks

Have you heard of the iconic Maotai liquor from China? It is traditionally enjoyed neat or with soda and snacks. However, at the i MOUTAI cafe in Guangzhou, this premium Chinese liquor has found an innovative home in icy treats and hot coffees. This pioneering café is changing how people enjoy the notorious Maotai spirit, one scoop and sip at a time.

As a curious foodie and someone who appreciates witty culinary experiences, I had to check out this unusual cafe. Their signature handcrafted Maotai-infused ice creams, coffees and desserts offer a pleasant surprise of flavors. From the subtle nutty notes in the matcha green tea and pistachio ice creams to the intense aroma in the Bailu Maotai latte, the 53-degree liquor adds a kick of flavor to please any taste bud.

The cafe also features Maotai in whimsical creations like Maotai snowballs and cream puffs. An afternoon here promises not just a sugar high but an unforgettable experience for anyone who enjoys discovering unique gourmet adventures. This pioneering and glamorous take on the iconic Chinese spirit breaks from tradition and ventures into uncharted territories of taste that excite and surprise with every bite and sip.

For those seeking a luxury foodie adventure in Guangzhou, i MOUTAI cafe deserves a spot on your must-visit list. The next time you want to impress friends or clients, skip the fancy restaurant and head to this playful Maotai-themed cafe. One scoop of their Maotai ice cream or a cup of the Bailu Maotai coffee, and you’ll soon realize why this little gem is redefining how people enjoy Maotai.

These Spiked Scoops Are Far From Vanilla

The mad geniuses behind i MOUTAI pride themselves on crafting high quality ice cream infused with just the right amount of 53-degree Maotai liquor. At a mere 2% Maotai, the intense and complex flavors of the liquor shine through without overpowering your taste buds. The result is an unexpected harmony of flavors in each creamy scoop.

Their signature Yogurt Maotai Ice Cream is a bestseller for good reason. Fresh yogurt and milk blended with Maotai create a sweet and tangy treat with hints of the liquor’s nutty oakiness. Smooth, rich and not too alcoholic, this flavor is perfect for newbies timid about alcoholic ice cream.

For the health nuts, the Matcha Maotai Ice Cream packs an antioxidant punch. The blend of bitter matcha and mellow Maotai liquor is a guilt-free indulgence. Chocoholics will swoon over the Chocolate Maotai Ice Cream which marries dark cocoa with Maotai’s raisin and spice notes for a luxurious boozy affogato experience.

Feeling adventurous? Try the Sour Plum Maotai Ice Cream. Sweet and tart plums pair surprisingly well with Maotai’s dried fruit flavors. The Blueberry Maotai Ice Cream is equally unique, with tangy blueberries tempering Maotai’s spiciness into a refreshing summer treat.

With exotic options like red bean, lychee and rose, this cafe is every ice cream connoisseur’s paradise. Come discover your new favorite Maotai-infused flavor in the cool comforts of this singular gourmet destination. The innovation in each scoop will make any maotai fan or foodie melt with delight.

On your next cheat day, do your taste buds a favor and head to i MOUTAI. One spoon of their Maotai-infused ice cream will transport you to ice cream nirvana and revolutionize what you thought was possible in an ice cream cafe! This little gem in Guangzhou is putting spirits in your ice cream and doing it right. Sweet dreams are indeed made of these.

Get Your “Buzz” from Coffee and Booze

The innovativeness continues in i MOUTAI’s hot and cold coffee drinks. The Maotai Coffee Americano infuses black coffee with Maotai, boosting it with the liquor’s nutty and spicy flavors. Smooth and full-bodied, this caffeine and spirits mix will rev up your afternoon.

The Bailu Maotai Latte blends milk, espresso and Maotai for an easy-drinking coffee drink lingering with oak and honey notes. Perfect for newbies, the flavors intrigue without overpowering. For a frosty pick-me-up, the Iced Maotai Coffee adds Maotai ice cream to cold brewed coffee and Maotai for a refreshing boozy treat.

There are also sweet treats infused with Maotai’s distinctive flavors. Maotai Cream Puffs feature flaky choux pastry puffs filled with Maotai custard cream, marrying butter and liquor aromas. Maotai Snowballs sandwich shaved ice and Maotai syrup for a whimsical fruity cooler with a kick – a fun alcoholic respite in the summer heat.

Have Your Maotai and Eat it Too: Desserts that Satisfy “Spirit-ed” Cravings

i MOUTAI is pioneering a new gourmet experience by infusing Maotai into familiar cafe fare and desserts. Using quality ingredients and innovative recipes, they are enhancing how Maotai’s complex flavors can be enjoyed outside of a shot glass.

Beyond tradition, the cafe invites you on a taste adventure, exciting your palate with each surprising bite and sip. This fresh take on the iconic Maotai spirit is perfect for impressing guests with an experience uniquely Guangzhou. For those seeking an unmissable gourmet destination, i MOUTAI deserves a top spot on your list. Come for the Maotai ice cream, stay for the novel coffee and desserts – you’ll leave not just on a sugar high but with newfound love for Maotai’s range.

With creativity in every scoop and cup, i MOUTAI makes enjoying this notorious Chinese liquor as fun as it is sophisticated. Next time you’re craving an unconventional gourmet escape, head to this boozy sweet spot in Guangzhou. One bite of their Maotai snowballs or a sip of Bailu Maotai latte, and you’ll be hooked on their inspired recipes forever.

Where Every Treat Comes with a “Twist”: An Unconventional Maotai Pairing

At i MOUTAI, Maotai liquor leaves behind tradition and ventures into uncharted taste territories – one scoop and sip at a time. Their signature Maotai-infused ice creams, coffees and desserts aren’t just familiar fare reimagined, but an adventure in tastes that excite your senses.

This pioneering gourmet destination deserves a top spot on every Guangzhou foodie’s bucket list. Each menu item surprises and delights, as Maotai’s complex aromas encounter new pairings. From the refreshing Matcha Maotai Ice Cream to the mellow Bailu Maotai Latte, the harmony of liquor and ingredients intrigues taste buds. For Maotai fans and newbies, this is a chance to experience China’s most prestigious liquor in an innovative way.

Beyond taste, the whimsical and glamorous infusions of Maotai into gourmet treats are a spectacle for social media. Bottle-shaped ice creams, Maotai Cream Puff towers and foggy flasks of Maotai Coffee adorn the chic black and gold interior, whetting appetites at first sight. Part liquor promotion, part gourmet destination, i MOUTAI melds food, drink and design into an elevated experience that surprises with every turn.

When in Guangzhou, skip the souvenirs – treats infused with 53-degree Maotai are delicious reminders of a luxury gourmet adventure. At i MOUTAI, discover that delightful spirits and flavors pair not just in your glass but on your plate and in your cup. One sip, scoop and bite at a time, this pioneering Maotai-themed café is changing how new generations perceive and enjoy China’s most prized liquor. An unmissable experience for Maotai fans and foodies seeking a uniquely Guangzhou taste of innovation.

With creativity in every scoop and cup, i MOUTAI makes enjoying this notorious Chinese liquor as fun as it is sophisticated. Next time you crave an unconventional gourmet escape, head to this boozy sweet spot. One bite of their Maotai snowballs or a sip of Bailu Maotai latte, and you’ll be hooked on their inspired recipes forever. At i MOUTAI, every treat comes with a surprise twist of premium Maotai liquor.

Need to Know Information

i MOUTAI 茅台冰淇淋

花城汇/高德置地 冰淇淋
广州国际金融中心IFC国金天地购物中心负一层 B120C

Price per person:
50-60 RMB


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